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Most Useful WordPress Plugins – WebsiteSupportPlus

Most useful WordPress Plugins

Get Most Useful WordPress plugins

WordPress is a website creation tool which offers the users to create a website on PHP and MySQL. It is the best and easiest tool to create the blogs or websites. The features included in the same are outstanding and let the users create the websites at its own requirement.

Various tools are provided by the WordPress and one of the essential ones is the Plugins. It makes your website visible and user-friendly. Most useful WordPress plugins have been filtered from various sources and the same is enclosed below. This will help you to enhance your website/blogs.

Best Free WordPress Plugins

Make your Websites more attractive and increase the visibility-

MonsterInsights: –

It is an optimal Google Analytics plugin which is highly trending on the market. Actually, Google Analytics is a tool which analyzes the websites and also records the traffic details, such as the visitor’s duration on your website and their location. This feature enables you to enhance your websites, as you will come to know about the need of the users and if you have created your website in WordPress, then must install this Plugin.

WP Forms: –

For every business, you need customers and the way to contact them and in the digital mode, you need a Form which is filled by the customers and through this, you get their feedback or issue. So, if you have created your websites in WordPress, then you must get WP Forms. This plugin is free of cost and available in the market. Installation and operation are easy and the best part is, it is user-friendly.

Yoast SEO: –

Made the website and still not optimized? Then use the Yoast SEO to make your website visible to the search engine. The installation process is easy and this powerful plugin will boost up the ranking of your websites.

Disable Comments: –

This is also one of the best plugin, which gives you full authority to control the comment section. If you don’t want any comments on your post/ pages, then install Disable Comments Plugin.

Broken Link Checker: –

Mostly, the website gets an error due to the broken links. This plugin will monitor the links on your websites and if any fault is found in the link, it will report the same. It is an automated feature, so you don’t have to put an extra effort to find the broken link issue. This is one of the best free WordPress plugin and easily available. So, get it now and enjoy the features of the same and make your website/blog user-friendly.

SEMRush: –

Business generate competition and if you own a one, then you need to keep an eye on your competitor to find out their moving steps and this plugin will allow you to find out the best and most searched keyword relevant for your business. This will boost up your business and also will enhance the websites.

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