How to Create an RSS Feed for a Static Website – WebsiteSupportPlus

How to Create an RSS Feed for a Static Website – WebsiteSupportPlus

Create an Rss Feed for website

How to Create an RSS Feed for a Static Website?

Most of the users can get the prompt information for what is happening around and really even provides the basic information to do its notifications. Producing of an RSS feed is quite simple and hundreds of thousands of websites are now providing this feature, including major news organizations such as the ABC news, the times of India, and New York Times, as well as many weblogs after creating RSS feed for a static website that managed by the author for various objectives.

If someone does not know on how to create an RSS feed for a Static Website then he can contact our tech support executive who will provide you excellent guidance to go ahead for it. As per the techies, you need to go to the RSS creation program and when you access to the RSS services then you can get the various options for creating a new feed. Once when you have chosen your service then click on creates your first feed. Add an image to your feed and then add content to your feed. You can even create an XML file that publishes and submitted the feed on the website to show on the e-paper website to enable the users to read the updated news at any time. Having created the website most people can read the updated news at any time.

Create an RSS Feed by Following These Steps:-

For creating an RSS feed for a static website there are certain steps that needs to be followed by the users. The steps for this purpose are mentioned below for the users to process it whenever they wish to.

  • First of all the users need to search for the feed source that they want to display.
  • If the users are willing to show the Google news headlines then they have to go to the Google news option and should select the RSS menu that is mentioned at the bottom of the particular page.
  • Now the users need to copy the RSS URL to the clipboard.
  • Then the users are required to visit the following link
  • Now the users are supposed to add the RSS feed to the following site
  • The users then can customize their feed the way they want to get displayed.
  • The users should then copy the provided widget code to the clipboard and should proceed further.
  • Then go to the web starts page and from there select on the insert option.
  • From there select on HTML option and paste the copied code there.

Therefore, by following these ways the users will be able to create a RSS feed for a static website. These following steps should be correctly processed so that no issue is faced by the users whenever they are processing this.
If the users get stuck in any glitches then they can simply contact the Website Support number and can get in touch with the concerned representatives at any time of the day.

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