How to Create a Static Website with Wordpress – WebsiteSupportPlus

How to Create a Static Website with WordPress – WebsiteSupportPlus

Create a Static Website With WordPress

WordPress provides the platform to built the websites in an effective manner. WordPress is the best platform to create a static website. The tools and plugins made the user design the website in its own way. The entire features of WordPress are incredible and due to this, it is highly appreciated by the users.

Create a Regular Static Website Using WordPress

  • First of all, register the domain name and get the hosting account.
  • After installing the WordPress, open the Administrative Account and login with your credentials.
  • Thereafter, go to the Dashboard and click Pages, located at the left of the menu bar.
  • Under the Page section, click on Add New.
  • Now you will see the New Page, provide the title and content. Here you can also use the multiple formats of text such as Bold or Italic, can also insert the images. There are multiple tools, use these and give good look to the Front Page.
  • After creating the Front Page, go to the Dashboard, scroll it down and select Setting.
  • Under the Setting section, you will see the multiple options, scroll down and click on Reading.
  • You will see the Reading Setting, click on the Static Page and select the Page which you have created from the drop-down list.
  • After selecting the Page, click on Save Changes.
  • Next part is to design the Page and for the same, you will need the Themes.
  • For the same, click on Dashboard, select appearance and then click on Themes. You will see the list of themes, select the one which suits your page.
  • Finally, you have successfully created a Static Website in a WordPress.

If still persists any issue, then you can get the assistance of the WordPress Tech Support. The techie will provide you the comprehensive solution of the same. They work around the clock, so you can get their support anytime. So, be in touch to get more about the WordPress.

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