How to Add Testimonial to Website – WebsiteSupportPlus

How to Add Testimonial to Website – WebsiteSupportPlus

How to Add Testimonial to Website?

A website is a compilation of web pages, links, customised multimedia available on a web server having a domain name.
Websites has numerous roles and used as personal website, commercial website, a government website, company, any organization. Websites are classically committed to a meticulous theme, subject or function, for Gaming website, dating website, corporate, blog, information, humor website , gambling website, religious website, education institutional website, social networking website etc.
A testimonial of a customer/ person in any written or spoken form is used on websites for encouragement, endorsement and for advertisement. The phrase testimonial normally used to attract or accredited customers. Testimonials is a division of collective marketing. If you still think that “how to add testimonial to website” then follow these steps:

Procedure to Add Testimonial to Website

  • Enter the heading for the testimonial
  • Punch in the dates
  • Enter the name (individual/company/org)
  • Write your reviews and text you want to add in the testimonial
  • You can choose a rating if you want
  • You can also add images if you want to
  • Choose if you wish the testimonial to be published on your website.
  • Click the save & close.

You can add a testimonial plugin to your website like AB testimonial plugin,easy testimonial, kudzoo, Plus Panda etc. Lets see how Plus panda testimonial plugin works.

  • It  is a simple application to set install the testimonial page for your website.
  • It is a free app that can be easily added to your website.
  • First you make up your mind what is the layout of your testimonial page.edit  the css as you desire and add the categories you want.
  • Click on  create new and add new testimonials.
  • You can edit it also.
  • Now the codes are generated.
  • Place the install code at position you want your webpage testimonial widget to be displayed.

For website support you can contact your domain owner.

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