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How to Add Google Map in Website – WebsiteSupportPlus

How to Add Google Map in the Website?

How to Add Google Map in the Website?

With Google Map, one can trace any of the location across different parts of the world. Users who own a website can easily add the same as this will allow easy tracking of their business location and will allow customers to directly visit your place and hence increase your business. There is an effective procedure which will need to be followed by the users in order to add Google Map in the website. A procedure can be obtained by moving down the tutorial and follow the below mentioned effective step by step procedure.

Steps to Add Google Map in the Website:-

  • Firstly open the Google Maps page in your web browser.
  • Once opened then users can type in the organization address or the location that they are willing to add in their browser and then they can press the Enter button.
  • Users can now move on to the lower right corner and then they can simply choose Sprocket from there and then they can choose the Share or Embed Map.
  • Users can now copy their link and then they can log-in to edit their website and then they can select the text where the address is displayed and then add the link to the map location.
  • Finally, users can save and update the web page to get the task accomplished in an effective manner and enjoy uninterrupted services.
  • Users can now open their website to check and see if the things have worked for the users and have got their tasks executed in an effective manner.

Here we discuss the second method to add a google map on your website.

Here’s How You Embed Google Map on Your Website

Google Map can be a great addition to the website. it’s a tool that allows the visitors to your website to get a view of your business , to read reviews and to have a sense of direction to your door.

Inserting a google map on your website is not a pain taking the task as it is a simple process which does not require any programming skills.

Follow the points given below for embedding a map on your website.

  • Go to Google’s homepage, click on the grid on the top right corner of the page and go to Google maps directly.
  • On the search tool enter the address of your business probably there would be a listing of your address on the left-hand side underneath the search box.
  • Go to the menu symbol on the top left corner and find the embedded link
  • After the completion of the points stated above, click “share or embed map” on left
  • To start embedding select Embed map
  • After the map has been embedded you have an option to customise the map for which a pop-up screen would appear and you can select the settings as per your requirements.
  • Once the customisation is completed the map is ready to be added to your website
  • You can also include a schema markup. a schema markup is basically a collection of HTML tags that Google has introduced so that webmasters can properly markup their sites. Having a schema markup on your website can increase your visibility in search engines.

If you face any problem while embedding your map to your website, for further queries you can contact the website support number to have a more detailed information about the same.

By the procedure stated above a basic structure of a map would be embedded into your website and people can have the precise location of your business.

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