Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress – WebsiteSupportPlus

Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress – WebsiteSupportPlus

How to add social media buttons to WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS based on PHP and MySQL languages used for blogging, quite popular nowadays. WordPress needs to be installed on a web server, WordPress features integrated link management, search engine, assign multiple options to posts, helps to tag posts. Automatic filters, standardised formatting, test styles for posts and WordPress has over 50000+ plugins accessible which offers custom functions and specification quite flexible to use. WordPress is easy to install and run till up gradation.

There are various way to add Social media icons on your wordpress site. These small buttons can be directly linked to your social sites like Twitter and Facebook, allowing visitors to quickly access your social profiles.

Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress

The themes in the wordpress allows you to add the social media buttons. The steps involved to add social media buttons are in the first method are:-

  • In Your WordPress Admin Area, select Plugins and Add New from the menu.
  • Now Search for “ShareThis”
  • Install “ShareThis, Share Buttons and Sharing Analytics” plugin.
  • Activate the Plugin.
  • Select Settings > ShareThis from the WordPress admin menu.
  • Select the settings options like Click the blue arrows at the top of the page to select the style of the buttons you want to use. To add a facebook button: Click the “Add facebook” checkbox.
  • To change the sequence of buttons Click the “+” sign and then “Click to change order of social buttons or modify list of buttons.” Then change the text in the textbox by putting them in the sequence you want.
  • To remove icon: Click the “+” next to “Click to change order of social buttons or modify list of buttons.” And remove “share this” from the options.
  • To add more social media icons: Click the “+” sign and “Click to change order of social buttons or modify list of buttons.” Then add additional icons you want to add seperated by commas.
  • Click the “Update Share This Options” button at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

Second Method of Adding Social Media Icons to WordPress

This is the second method of adding social media icons to your WordPress site-

  • Click on My Sites and then click Customize.
  • Click the Menus tab in the customizer.
  • If you already have a theme with social links menu, click on it to the button and start editing.
  • If the theme doesn’t have a social links menu then click on + sign to add a Menu .
  • Make a name for your social link menu, then click on Create Menu.
  • Now to add a social media link to the menu, click on + sign add Items.
  • Now you have to select the Custom Links menu item type.
  • Add one social media address the URL field. For example, if the link to your twitter profile is, you would copy that into the URL field.
  • Also you can enter a name for the social media profile in the Link Text field. Once you’re ready, click Add to Menu.
  • Repeat the above steps till all the sites you want to add have been added.
  • At last select a Menu Location with a name like Social Menu or Social Links.
  • Click the box next to that location to select it.
  • Finally Save & Publish.
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